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Are you proposing to start a new business?
Do you intend to add to your installed capacity?
Would you like to structure your new business foray optimally?
Is your business facing financial distress and needs to be turned around?
Do you understand your customers and markets?


If the answer to any of the questions is Yes, then our strategic planning services is the right solution to your needs.

Our Advisors have consulted several companies in their quest for Strategic Planning of the establishment of their businesses. They have developed Corporate Strategies, undertaken Feasibility Assessment, prepared Project Reports, created Business Plans, designed Turnaround Strategies, and undertaken Market Assessment, assisted with Product Pricing decisions and in general held hands in the face of a variety of challenges. We believe a consultant’s role is not only to provide objective advice but to also extend implementation support and translate ideas into action. We therefore volunteer to assist our clients in executing our recommendations’


Are you worried about the performance of your business?
Are your costs rising and revenue is falling?
Is your business tied up in complex business processes?
Is generation next expected to get into saddle?
Have you recently merged a business with yours and are facing the teething troubles of living with a merger?
Are you expecting significant growth but capacity constraint in exploiting that growth?
Do you experience the need for outsourcing but are unsure of what to outsource?


If you answer in the affirmative to any of the above, our Performance Improvement services are just what you need.

Our advisors have deep experience in Business Process Engineering, Strategic Sourcing, Systems Reviews, Organisational (Re) Structuring, Capacity Building, Post-Merger Integration, Procedures Manual and other services such as Back Office Outsourcing Support, Logistics Audit, Monitoring and Evaluation, Corporate Governance and Independent Directorship.


Are you looking at responding to a government tender?
Are you looking at buying over a running business?
Are you looking at selling of your business or a part of it?
Are you interested in inviting either a technical or a financial partner to join in your business?
Are you considering raising funds for the new project?
Are you facing the prospect of being acquired/ taken over by another company?
Do you wonder what is the right price at which to buy or sell the business unit?
Do you desire the assurance that the accounts and data presented to you for the proposed transaction is reliable?
Are you looking at restructuring your outstanding loans?


If you answer positive for any of the questions above, then you benefit from our Transaction Support solutions

Our advisors have experience in providing PPP Bid Advisory, conducting Due Diligence, undertaking business valuations, Partner Search, Agreement Negotiation, M&A Advisory, raising Project Finance and Other services such as preparing your company for receiving PE Investment or launching an IPO.


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